L'Oreal Studio line Tightly Wound spray gel...

do they still make this stuff? I was cleaning out my bathroom cabinet and found a full bottle of this stuff. It's never been used, not even once. I have no idea when I bought it. I honestly don't remember ever seeing it before. But I checked the back and it's CG so I thought I'd give it a try tonight. I don't know anything about it. Seriously, it's gotta be at least two years old.

OMG I've been a closet PJ and didn't even realize it! Seriously, does anyone know anything about this stuff?
It's very good stuff. Thick, chunky curls.

I pour a small amount into my hand and rake thru for more even distribution that a spray can offer.

Still made, though the packaging has changed to black bottles, if yours is white (changed about 2yrs ago).
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i liked it for a while, but then it ended up leaving my hair yucky feeling, dry, and very limp...hope you have better luck!!
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