Hahaha I didn't know how else to ask for help than ONLINE :) woot for this wonderful

Hahaha I didn't know how else to ask for help than ONLINE woot for this wonderful online community. Coming from an ENTIRELY straight haired family bent on making me feel like complete **** for something I cannot control -- my hair. I love it, I can't see why anyone wouldn't. I'd like to share my best experience and then proceed to ask for help. I was with a guy from school and he just happened to stroke my hair (it helped that I was sitting in his lap) and he was like wow...that is the softest hair ever[not that I necessarily need a man to make me feel good, but I'll admit, it did]. Now for the BEGGING and PLEADING for help. Forget that I've had this hair for 18 years of my life and had it treated like straight hair that wouldn't just conform to being straight. I HAVE CURLY HAIR AND AM PROUD! I have no idea what curl type I am or what to do with my hair. You can totally direct me to an already existing thread or give me your own advice.
Here are three pics:
When my "bangs" are straightened and the rest of my hair is giving up on being curly
When my curls have dried -- usually the day after I wash.
Frizzy but ultimately curly <3

Questions next post
Okay, thank you for still reading.
1. What curl type am I. I can't really locate it and I doubt I fit into one category. As you can see my curly vary and people say I have afro-hair but it doesn't FEEL like it.
2. How can I deal with frizz? I used to use John Freida but that stopped working. I wash my hair every second day, shampoo the scalp and condition & comb the rest of my hair in the shower. I use cold water to finish it off. I squeeze out excess water with a towel gently and use another to put it up and just leave it. Still doesn't get rid of frizz.

Also looking for homemade stuff to help get shine, define curls and get rid of frizz. Thank you so much and you're welcome to point me in the direction of existing threads. Love you guys!

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