daytime/sun treatments?

I race sailboats professionally, so even if I take the time to do a good job with my curls in the morning by lunch they're a disaster thanks to my work (I also have to have my hair pulled back often).

I definitely don't expect pretty hair at work (although it would be nice time to time) but does anyone know any good treatments I can leave on during the day that will work with the sun so my hair can be pretty at night? I've tried leaving conditioner in all day and found that was just too much for my fine/med porosity hair.

I'm up for anything!
I sailed for years and am trying to think of products that might be good. I would think it would depend on weather it's fresh water or salt water. If it's salt water, it gets so sticky and tangled. My hair prefers the more natural products. Depending on what conditioner you were using--other richer products may be better. I'm thinking that you could use anything that's like a DT, let it back in during the day and do a water rinse and style when you get in. It may keep your hair healthier, too. The sun can take a lot out of it. Things I might try would be the CJ Deep Fix or Moisture Rehab, or Komaza Califia Moisture Cream or Spray. Another idea might be something like the AfroDetangler. It looks heavy from the ingredients, but is better.
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