uneven hair

hi everyone, how are ya? i have a problem my hair is uneven the middle of my hair is like 4 inches or more shorter than the two sides and i don't want to cut all that length off. should i get extensions?
Hey, im new to the site. but i just dont know how to deal with frizzy/curly hair. most of the time i keep it flat . so that way i can put it up in a pony tail but if i have it curly i just get like strested out because then i know that i need to deal with the in styler. Its so hard if i had my hair even then it would be easier to work with . And you know when you cant deal with your hair anymore and just feel like ripping it out. i fell like that! if i could get someone or something to help me with this crazy situation thrn i would but i dont. help me some one plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My hair grows faster on the right side than the left side, the left side is drier too. I also don't want to cut it because the right side is almossst APL now and noooo I don't wanna cut it, hahaha. But for me when my hair is curly it all shrinks up to about the same level and if the left shrinks more i stretch it a little bit with a blow dryer. As for when it's straight I curl the ends and it makes it seem more even.
Is your hair visibly uneven when curly?

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