I'm about to Give Up!

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I'm glad it was a better day. Curly hair is two steps forward and one step back! Some days are just better then others.
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So my hubby finally helped me take and download photos. The first two are my hair air dried and untouched. The second two are after I ran my fingers through and tried to fluff a bit. Although I had no frizz, my hair felt like it had 75% less volume even after fluffing. I kind of felt bald. Hey, but no frizz and it was soft, and not completely flat on the top. By the way sorry these photos are so big. I have no ideas how to make them smaller. So am I a 2b?
Your hair is lovely! I'm glad to see you are feeling better about your cg routine.
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Allergies and asthma can really make life difficult!

First, it's the shampooing which you cut down or out of your routine when going Curly Girl. You can wash your hair as frequently as you did before, but would be co-washing or water (only) washing your hair most, or all of the time. So replace your shampoo with a low-poo if you still feel the need to poo, and gradually cut down on the frequency with which you use it, as your scalp stops pumping out sebum to compensate for having it stripped out on a frequent basis.

Allergies and asthma, not so easy. While you're problem solving this, you could do baking soda washes, and vinegar rinses. Also I think you're right about aloe vera gel. I sometimes use it as both moisturizer and hair gel, and find it effective. It's also very soothing for skin irritations, so I'd think it's less likely to be allergenic.

Does the company that made your former, presumably non-allergenic for you, shampoo put out any non-sulfate shampoos? That might be a place to start. Similarly does the company that put out your former conditioner have one that's cone free?

Other than that, I think simpler is better. The fewer ingredients there are, the less likely a product is to cause an allergic reaction -- as long as those ingredients don't include anything you know you're allergic to. And, as you undoubtedly know, unscented products are less likely to be problematic. Beyond that, I wonder if you could test for allergies before actually using the products, by doing a skin test of your own, applying a small dot of the product to a sensitive area of skin, such as behind your ear (as when testing for haircolour sensitivity prior to using), or to your forearm (in the same area your allergist would use).


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