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Curls=Beauty 06-12-2009 09:14 AM

I recently decided to just quit using conditioner (I became really frustrated with not finding one that will work without making my hair greasy, yet moisturize properly). So now I am only doing ACV rinses once a month and gently massaging my scalp every time I take a shower. (With gel, of course, but I'm not going into how I apply it, etc.)
I just recently, before I stopped using conditioner, started using Burt's Bees shampoo twice a week, but found it just made my hair greasier. So I just stopped altogether.
Not only does my hair look great and moisturized, but my scalp isn't flaky anymore!!
My sister, just recently (finally! I tried to get through to her, she just had to find out on her own), quit using shampoo. She had straight hair with an incredibly flaky scalp and very oily hair that she had to use shampoo on every day. The Burt's Bees shampoo helped tremendously, but this week when she quit using it, she practically doesn't have a flaky scalp anymore. Her hair isn't oily anymore either. She also found out she has wavy hair. :D It is 2a/2b. She uses my method, but with baking soda rinses.

My older brother came downstairs today after his shower and he hadn't brushed it yet (shocker! He has a brush with him all the time. OK not all the time but he constantly uses one and always has one in the car with him). His hair is kind of wavy too. I think it is 2a. He typically brushes it, but I think he looks better with it wavy. If only he would wear it like that.
So I am not the only kid in our family with curly hair anymore! I think 2 of my little brothers have wavy hair as well, but they keep it really short so you can't really tell. My littlest brother I think has wavy hair too, but again, it is too short to tell.

EarthyCurls 06-12-2009 02:41 PM

do you think it matters what gel you use? did you start out no conditioning with well moisturized hair? sound like it might be a good idea!

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