A few questions from a newbie...

Hey All!

This is my first post in the General Discussions. I've read several posts on "pineappling," and I plan on trying it tonight. However, I've already been trying a similar process with small jaw clips. I just twist up the wet/dry hair into several clips on the top of my head. Does anyone else do this? Or is it unhealthy in comparison to the pineappling/scrunchy process?

Thanks for reading!
-Laura Beth

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I can't comment on the healthfulness of either one, but I generally use clips to sleep on. I just loosely twist all my hair at the base of my neck and clip it to the back of my head. It pulls out some of the curl so I'm more wavy in the morning, but it works. I've only done this on dry hair and with the intention of getting second day hair out of it.

I have to put in a vote for damp overnight plopping. Holy moly did that give me amazing frizz free curls. I dunno if I can handle that every night, but it sure does work.
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Curlyjenn10 did something similar to this and called it a modified pineapple. As long as you're a heavy sleeper and don't toss and turn too much, the clips shouldn't pull out your hair.
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Whenever I pinneappled with long hair I would use CurlyJenn's modified method. It kept my hair out of my face! Like sarahthewarrior said, as long as you're not putting a ton of stress on your hair it should be fine.

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Ok..wow. CurlyJenn's method makes more sense and it doesn't seem as uncomfortable! Thanks a lot!
-Laura Beth

(2b) Medium-textured, highly-porous
~*My hair has a mind of its own.*~
I didn't know anyone else was doing this! That is kind of really cool.

I'll just add that my hair is shorter than it was when I first started doing this, so I don't need as many clips (I use three now - one mini jaw clip for most of the pineapple and two tiny ones for the sides). Also make sure they're directly on top of your head to avoid the clips digging into your scalp. I toss and turn a LOT and haven't had problems.
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