When you wet your hair, are you applying more conditioner and products?

Okay, so I'm pretty new to the CG method and I'm confused.

First, right now to start, my Deva trained stylist has me using No-Poo and One Condition plus my styling products (Arc Angell, Aveda B-Curly and some other stuff to try).

I don't understand...when I hear people saying they wet their hair and don't co-wash does that mean they are wetting it until it's soaking wet and then putting more conditioner on their hair (but not their scalp) and then rinsing and then putting in more styling products? Or does that mean they are just wetting it in the shower to reactivate the stuff they put in the day before and then getting out and scrunching out the water and maybe adding a little bit of styling product? I'm so confused.

Thanks for your help!
For me, it's the first one. When I get my hair wet, I either co-wash or water-wash, which is just scrubbing without the conditioner. Then I follow the rest of the routine: rinse-out conditioner, styling products, etc. I don't consider a water-wash day to be "2nd-day hair" because I'm still wetting it and adding products.
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I wet my hair every day in the shower--which washes out the water soluble products that I use. Use a rinse out conditioner and style as usual. Every third day, I use a natural soap bar to cleanse and add an acid rinse.
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Thanks so much for the clarification. This is a little confusing at first.

I thought that when people were not co-washing they were rinsing all the product out and then just conditioning the hair and following with the usual styling products but I wanted to be sure. Thanks for explaining!

My stylist didn't say anything about when to use the No-Poo so I assumed she wanted me to use it every time I wet my hair but I'm thinking maybe I don't have to if all the products are water soluble anyway, right? I'm using a combo of Arc Angell and Set It Free right now.

Thanks again for your help!
Same here. I co-wash every third day, but I wet my hair every day and follow with a rinse-out conditioner, leave-in, and styling products. I just don't seem to get second-day hair very often so I have to do it this way.
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Just for another take I'm a wavie and I co-wash every day with a lowpoo every third day currently, then use whatever styling products I'd like for the day. I'd like to try lowpooing less or using shampoo bars in the future, we'll see how it goes.
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I will just dunk my head under the water and add some conditioner and leave-in after getting out of the tub if my hair is very dry and curls are flat but my scalp is not itchy. I will dampen/wet my hair with a spray bottle if my curls aren't dry but just a bit messy and I then add a little bit of conditioner and mousse just to reshape or style. I will totally wet my head and cowash or shampoo if my scalp is itchy or I have product buildup. The degree of 'wetting' depends on the condition/moisture levels of my hair.
Sometimes I wet and then re-apply leave in and stylers, other times I wet and just re-apply stylers. I co-wash or use a soap bar, once a week and do a full meal deal.
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My hair needs lots of moisture, so I have to wet my hair every day. I water wash, apply rinse-out condish to the ends, then styling products. I co-wash about once a week and a low-poo maybe once a month.

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