Is this a silicone?

I bought this new sulfate free shampoo called coconut milk by organix. I really wanted to try it but it contains "dimethicone copolyol" Is that a silicone?
It is, but it's water-soluble. It shouldn't give you any problems.
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I also bought herbal essences totally twisted gel and it has peg-12 dimethicone. Did I get the wrong one?
Is there a list of the ones that are bad and the ones that are water souble?
Here's the general removal table:

Silicones that have PEG- in front of them are all water-soluble. I think this is the only water-soluble one that doesn't, but I could be wrong.
CG since 6/15/08!
Medium-Fine/Normal Porosity
Thank you that helps me out alot. Now I clean out my cabinets of all my old products.
I use Organix Coconut Milk Sulfate-Free Shampoo, and it always produces bouncy curls!
Use it!

2C roots, 3A/3B for the rest.
currently growing out... pulled down the longest part of hair is a little past the armpit.

curly goals: GROWING OUT!

routine: Condition daily with Nature's Gate Conditioner, shampoo once a week with Organix Hydrating Shampoo .
Wrap in t-shirt and let dry for ten minutes. Scrunch with Redken Ringlet 07 and blow-dry bangs.

just so you know the organix conditioner does have cones.
Thanks, I am going to try it. I started to get the conditioner but I realized it had cones so I put it back. Thanks for the tip though.

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