Curly Hair Ambassadors

I was in Target this morning when I spotted a teenage girl with chin length curly hair. It was a little frizzy and wild and just plain cool. I went up to her and said, “You have beautiful hair.”
She smiled and thanked me and told me that usually, when other curly girls come up to say something about her hair, they try to give her advice about which products to use for better definition, etc…She said it annoyed her so much because she never asks them for advice. She then said that it almost made her want to straighten her hair so that as she called them, “the curly hair police”, don’t keep handing out unsolicited advice.
So, it made me think, I am going to compliment curly girls whenever I see them, no advice, unless someone asks, just a genuine compliment. We always talk about what the media does to make curly girls feel bad, so let’s go around making all curly girls feel good!
I try to compliment as many curlies as possible. Seeing the smile on their face makes me smile too.
made up of 98.822% silliness!!

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