trendy/edgy haircuts?!

hello all. i need some advice for getting my haircut. i know this common but i have so many issues with this. i am heading off to college this fall and i want to get a haircut that matches my personality.

i love shopping at thrift stores and finding unique pieces that aren't common. i am so jealous of all the "hipster" girls with the loose waves that can pull off the nice bangs.

i love my curls but i need ideas on how to get a cut that is a little more trendy or edgy. help!!!

(p.s. i don't want to cut my hair super short either. i can totally not pull that off)
If you are staying curly, layers will make your hair less triangle-ish. You of course would not *see* the layers as you would with straight hair though. As for the length, I see a hipster girl as one with long hair. Maybe just get your hair shaped with a trim then just let it grow. I think long curly hair is beautiful and really goes along with the carefree vibe of a hipster.
I love micol124's long inverted bob. Could be just what you're looking for. Not super short but definitely drastic. And I like how one side of the front was a little bit longer than the other.
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Oooh my hair is kind of like that, but longer and with layers.
Have you thought of maybe doing some cool colours?
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Its a bit hard to know what to suggest without knowing what kind of curl you have. I think short curls look great, as does an inverted bob, but again all this depends on your curl pattern. You can also do a lot with color.

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Just got my haircut yesterday in a bob style. I started a couple inches below my shoulders and now its about an inch past my chin in the front. Was kind of afraid to go too angeled in the back to make more of an inverted look, but my husband wishes I would have gone a little more drastic..any recommendations????
to me trendy, hipster, edgy is "shorter" like the first picture Md posted. That is super sexy and hot!!!! i love it

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