Goddess Glaze?

What is this stuff?
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I think it is a gel?

I heard so many people saying they like it, but since it is going to be discontinued I decided I wouldn't try it. I don't want to like it and then can't get it anymore.
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It is a gel, and I just used it for the first time today and love it! I cannot believe it is going to be discontinued!!! Does anyone know of an alternative that is similar to it? It is very lightweight but provides a good hold.
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I think my hair likes protein!!
Here's the thread I started when I first found out they were going to discontinue it.


They are saying the Gel-les'c is taking it's place, when they first sold the Gel-les'c as a natural serum. It's nothing like the Goddess Glaze. The only thing like Goddess Glaze is Princess Glaze, which was also discontinued.

If you like it, email them. When I sent my email, I was told they only got seven emails about it. I can't believe that's true--more people here like it then that!
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It's wonderful gel I ordered the 32oz bottle which will last me a long time considering how much I rotate products. If you can get your hands on some I'd try it, even though it's being discontinued. Like kathymack told me...It's better to have loved and lost
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