Big Sexy Silver Screen Siren Curls

I have 3a curls, but i want to know if there is anyway I can style them into those sleek and sexy, big and dramatic locks seen on 30's and 40's ladies or pin-up girls. I love that classic look. Any other suggestions for 30's and 40's inspired hair styles are welcome too.
Pillow rollers work great. You sleep in them and you just have to gently brush the curl out in the morning. It's really neat to get hair that looks heat styled without damaging it a bit!
I really like this kind of style and I'm always pouring over youtube for instructional videos. This girl

has a ton of videos just about this! She does use heat sometimes, but she also uses pillow rollers and sponge rollers. Enjoy! These styles are just SO much fun!
Cg as of 6/23/09

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