Beach Waves?

I was wondering what a good way to create beach waces was? Whenever I try to do it it is always to curly on the top layer and really straight on the bottom layer because I have layers. I have like 2c/3a. have any ideas? Thanks
There are a ton of ways to get beachy like waves. You will have to try some, to see what works for you based on your lifestyle, routine, products, etc.

Some ideas:

When you get out of the shower, try simply breaking your hair up into a few sections and twisting the excess water out (all the way to the root). From here you can either shake the twists out and scrunch in some product OR let the part that doesn't curl for you dry like this (it doesn't have to stay perfect just let them hang and dry) then shake them out when they are dry.

Or try adding salt (like sea salt or kosher salt) to a spray bottle with water. Spritz onto wet or dry hair and scrunch.

Look up 'beach waves' on youtube, you will find a ton more different ways.
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Thanks you were very helpful! I'll have to try that
I have a great way of doing beach waves without much gel by doing a Bantu Knot ....First you want to apply something that provides a light hold to each section of your hair. Next just grabbing clumps of hair, twist each section (not a two strand twist almost like you are twisting your hair around your finger) as the hair is wrapped tighter it will start to curl up on it's own near the scalp at this point you want to start twisting the hair around the knot that starts to form near the scalp and continue to wrap it around itself to form a bantu for bantu knots on youtube, it gave me my luscious crazy waves today. Besides this is easy, heat-less, and works for all hair types and works well on wet or dry hair. Here's the link:

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