this sounds wicked i'll definatly have to try this
Brunette 2c/3a Fine To Medium, ii / iii volume ,normal to medium porocity,low elasticity.
O>co washing : original source conditioners (all varieties) ,
O>experimenting: shampoo bars and acv,
O:leave in dr bronners aloe vera
O>styling:boots pink curl creme ,clear gel,
loose curls and waves around the front some coils underneath and around my nape

haven't found my holy grail or perfect combo yet but come close.

my hair loves acv and honey
in for a penny for a pound!! i may as well give it a go!!
Thick, 2C with little 3A's thrown in to make my hair look a little more wild.FIA:2c/3a-M
Last Haircut:17/1/07
Ultimate Goal: To go as long as possible
Products Used:coconut cowash, tescos own gel citrus spice whipped butter
Hair Length:BSL
NEW PHOTOS ADDED: 20th August'09

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