Traveling from dry to ultra humid climate?

I live in a pretty dry climate(lately it's been a lot more humid tho) and I am traveling to Topeka Kansas ,where it probably will be a lot humid then I'm used to.

I need some CG product suggestions that are good for extra humidity. I have 2c,medium coarse hair. Lately I've been using Suave coconut conditioners, and HEBE. I'm not sure how humid it will be there but I need to be prepared for the worst... So any drugstore product suggestions are more than welcome!
Well, since I started CG I haven't been anywhere really humid (I live in a bone-dry cilmate), but I was in the Caribbean a few months ago. And actually, I found that Suave Coconut (I was on the shampoo as well, didn't know about CG) worked fine for me, but since your hair is coarse-ish you may want to try a lighter Suave product like Ocean Breeze. I don't think you'll need HEBE over there, because - well, I don't know about you, but humidity adds some volume to my hair. You might consider using SMU or TT - they both have their drawbacks but I find that they'll hold a style well and not poof up your hair. Also, try to avoid air-drying all the way. I did it once and my hair was pretty much all frizz.

Sorry if I wasn't much help. :P
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Cowash | Suave Naturals Ocean Breeze or Juicy Green Apple
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I moved from California to a fairly humid area (South Carolina), and I found that the Suave coconut conditioner works quite well. (I have to use a lot, though, since my 3C-4A hair is really thick.)

For styling, I use a mixture of Olive Oil Hair Lotion (which I buy at Walmart, and yes, it has a small amount of 'cones) with Biotera Styling Gel (from Sally's). It seems I need a little bit of the 'cones to keep the frizz away. Relying only on oil-based products just makes my hair greasy. Using coconut-based shampoos like Max Green Alchemy cleans my hair of the 'cones without drying it out.

I usually wash my hair in the evening and give it a chance to air dry before going to bed. I use a satin hair scarf (which I also buy at Walmart) to sleep in. I spritz my hair with a little water and oil mix in the morning before going out.

I will be going to Florida this week (a true test for my hair!), so we'll see if this method works there, too!

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