What ever happened to it? The product has seemed to changed. I remember that it used to be a salon hair product, and it had its trademark smell. But, I got a bottle about a month ago from Wal-mart (suprizingly), and it was NOT the same. It could not be used as a leave-in, and smelled completely different. I took the bottle BACK to the store. What happened?
I am of Native American,French,White,and African-American descent.3a&3b.There is a LOT. Coarse. About 5 inches long at the moment.(Colorado is sunny,dry, and windy-yeah.)
My hair has a very low porosity...I appear to have what many call a Jewfro.
Poo:Organix CocoMilk
Cond:Bioinfusion Detangler
Product: Esencia mousse
My goal...
The gist of it. A 13 year old on a mission.
Peace, Love and Harmony