Another I hate my hair plea for help thread..

About my hair type: I believe I my texture is fine, low porosity, thin density (based off of reading that readheads have less strands of hair?), 3a. Does this seem right based off my pictures?

I have been cg, off and on for a few years now, but I've been super lazy since becoming a mom and just have not had the time to take care of my hair. I just spent the last couple hours reading through the boards again and I'm ready to get my hair pretty again.

I did a clarifying sulfate wash this morning and did not put any product in my hair. The pictures in my signature are what my hair looked like a few hours after it had dried - the pictures with my son are from a couple weeks ago.

I live in Arizona and I feel like the dry heat coupled with hard water, and frequent swimming in our salt water pool is causing my hair to hate the world.

I need to go buy new products and I'm willing to experiment and take care of myself now! I just started using the trader joes last week and it's been my cowash and condition since running out of aubrey organics honey suckle rose(which my hair never liked to begin with) and I know that is not really good. I've been using my stylers for a good 6 months now and I think my hair wants something new.

Any help you fine ladies can provide me is so very appreciated!
My hair pictures
Co-Poo: Trader Joes nourish spa, V05 tea therapy blackberry sage
Conditioner: trader joes nourish spa
Styling: bioterra styling gel, organic rootstimulator lock & twist gel

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My hair has similar characteristics--but I live in different climate with a very different lifestyle. It prefers the more natural products and using natural soap bars to cleanse. My products are in my signature.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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