Lemon Juice to Lighten Hair?

I know that lemon juice can lighten hair, but would it be damaging to do? I woke up this morning and just hated the color of my hair, I'm medium-dark blonde and want to go a bit lighter.
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Yes, it would be. It might take a while to show wear, but it is processing your hair after all, and lifting color from your hair (as opposed to only depositing, which is gentler).
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It has the potential to dry out your hair. Keep in mind it's an acid and should be treated carefully.
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Hey aaa00a!
I have a very dry hair so I don't even think about to put lemon juice on my hair,however,I have very good results with honey. It's a humectant,my hair loves it,and because I grow out my natural hair colour,I need to be a bit lighter. Well,in 2 months (with 2 times a week application plus a bit of leave in),the honey made light brown from my dyed black hair. It's amazing,and sooo moisturizing also.
I definitely suggest to give it a go!
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I can try a lemon juice for my hair.It works great.
My hair is lighten now.
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