Hair sticking to scalp?

After I get out of the shower from co-washing/just using a rinse out/combing, my hair feels... well, like it's glued to my scalp. It makes it really difficult to add styling products. I try to run gel through my hair, then the gel feels stuck to the sides of my head too. It didn't bother me at first, but now it's starting to become a big hastle. And I feel like running my fingers through my hair a bunch of times (which still doesn't fully get it off my scalp until it's dry) is sort of making my curl pattern angry, and I've been getting a funky curl. After it's almost dry, I can finally "loosen" it up a bit.
Do you get this? Am I doing something in particular that's wrong?
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I do my final rinse out upside down and rake/scrunch in my styling conditioner while I'm still upside down. Then when I get out of the shower, my hair isn't plastered to my head. I still have to arrange it a bit, but it isn't stuck. Then I scrunch it with my curl cloth. Maybe you could comb upside down after you rinse.
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I have to get a comb and comb my hair sort of up and away from my scalp, then I can get the mousse through it properly, then I put some baby claw clips around my crown to keep it "up" a bit. It's a pain in the neck though and like you, I can't really get it right until after it's dry. Don't know what the solution is but I don't think you're doing anything wrong.

I've watched various videos (clipping, putting product in, just styling in general) and nobody's hair looks like mine out of the shower - just completely plastered to my head! There's also been threads over the years about putting a part in, which I have to do, and a lot of people say they just let it fall where it wants. Now I just don't get this as my hair doesn't fall anywhere - it just sticks to my head!
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