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hey everyone,
I was just wondering if you all could help me with a problem i've been having with my hair. Anyways Whenever I go to do my hair I get out of the shower and then I right away brush my hair before I get out of the shower, and then I scrunch my hair with my towel, and then get dressed. Then I scrunch body envy moose by herbal essence and then I diffuse my hair till it is just a little damp and then I scrunch in a very small amount of set me up gel also by herbal essence, and then I completely diffuse my hair. But then when i'm done with my hair it dosn't feel like it has any hold at all cause it is really really soft and it has no body at all. It just feels really really gross. oh yeah I use sunsilk blonde bombshell shampoo and conditioner. Anyways do you have any better products that would give my hair more body and hold but wouldn't feel really crunchy in my hair. My hair just feels gross and I need help so bad. So if anyone could help me really soon it would be greatly appreciated Thanks!!!
Your issue may be different, but I found that when I was trying the HESMU gel, my hair felt really soft, but coated; and felt more coated the more times I used it. I think it may have been the polyquats in the routine I was using.

Anyway, I stopped using the HESMU, did a clarifying wash with lowpoo, then (when that hadn't worked well) a baking soda cleanse followed by Lorraine Massey's "lemon aide" (my usual amount of conditioner mixed with lemon juice), and a good rinse.

When something's going wrong with my hair, I usually find that it helps to go back to basics -- co-wash and gel -- and it did. But GICK! I hated the way my hair felt with the HESMU past the first use. Perhaps they assume you're going to use a sulfate poo, or perhaps it's my hair; after all, there are a lot of CG curlies who love the stuff, I'm just not one of them.

Baby Fine 3B, low porosity, normal density and elasticity
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I think my products must be the problem.

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thanks, i'll have to try to change my products. Should I just change the gel or should I change the moose too? What products would you all recomend that I could by at a local pharmacy that would still give my hair good hold? Thank you all for your help

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