I don't want to have to diffuse all the time!

So I've been doing a lot of reading here in this forum and have noticed that a lot of people say they diffuse because if they air dry their hair gets too poofy. I have the opposite problem. My hair is fine and if I let it air dry it's very flat and limp. If I want defined curls and volume I have to diffuse. I have switched to the Deva-fuser which I LOVE! I hated it at first but now can't live without it.

The thing is, I hate being tied down to a hair dryer. I would love to wash and go! Any tips/tricks/suggestions?

I have medium to long 3a/b (maybe some 2b or c too?) hair, layered, and a cowlicked widows peak which makes the front goofy at times.

Sugaree curls
mid-length type 3a/b, normal to fine, normal porosity, color-treated, living in a low humidity climate.
Shampoo: Redken All Soft once or twice a week
Conditioner: Redken All Soft, GVP Conditioning Balm on shampoo days.
Leave-in: GVP Potion 9 and Alterna Hemp Leave-in (HG's!), CK.
Styling: Alterna Hemp Texturizing Glaze (HG!), Catwalk Root Booster, Paul Mitchell Volumizing Foam, ICON Mesh.
My Devafuser is my hair's secret weapon for looking fabulous!
Sometimes I'd be happy with a bit of frizz if I could get some volume!

I don't know if its cut or product or method or what. But I also went to diffusing when the air dry worked but did not give me any volume at all.

I'm relatively new though so things could change..but I would like to find out how others get some volume. I have shorter hair and wouldn't mind a little poof out either.

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