Oil haters

Ok so I have finally decided to admit to myself that my hair just simply hates oils. In little bits it's fine but products I have tried such as the new Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner, KBB, adding oil to my Flaxseed gel, Healthy Sexy hair Pumpkin condish, I could go on. My hair just get limp and frizzy. On the other hand my hair loves herbal extracts, butters, and milks. Anyone else have this problem? I could have swore I saw a thread about it at some point. Any product recs?
My hair seems to hate oils too. I've done olive oil & coconut oil deep treatments that seem to work for many, but just turns my hair into messy undefined fluff. I do like AOHR which has oils, because I like the smell, but if I use it on any sort of routine basis my hair turns into straw. I haven't tried herbal extracts or milks, but my hair does seem to like butters too.
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My hair definitely responds better to butter. I use shea butter all the time. I can do olive oil DTs, but I have to be careful how long I leave it on or I get serious fluff. If I apply oil to my hair when it's wet (as a leave-in type thing) I get fluff and no definition. If I apply oil to my hair when it's dry, it feels very crunchy and straw-like.

I don't know about products with oils in them..... I do know my hair loves herbal extracts and botanical ingredients too though.
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I think it depends on the oil. My hair does not like olive oil at all ,but loves avocado oil. Have you tried a variety of oils or just one?
I have to be very careful of them, too. I can use some products that contain some, but have to be very conservative with them at first until I see how my hair will react. Don't like olive oil at all, but some others are OK in products in small amounts.

To name a couple, I like AOHR as a DT, but it makes me greasy by the end of the day if I use it just as a rinse-out conditioner. I love Komaza Honeycomb Rejuvenating Treatment.

I think it's all about the concentration of oils as well as watching certain types, like olive oil - for me.
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My hair doesn't like a lot of oils except for a few formulated in conditioners - like avocado oil and jojoba. At the same time I do need a lot of moisture, but I need it to be light.

The conditioners I use are all in my sig. I have found the AO and the GVP-type conditioners to be way too heavy - I get limp and frizzy like you described. I like Jessicurl WDT for a deep treatment.
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I've tried tons of different ones since going CG. Anything with oils at the top of this list (any kind) or anything that has mostly oils in it my hair hates. It gets greasy at the end of the day, limp, frizzy, and dry. I've tried all the oils listed and way more then that nothing works. Oils listed low in a condish ingredients or stuff containing maybe one or two oils isn't bad. My hair just doesn't like a lot of oil or any kind of oil treatment.
I'm fine with bits of oils as well - and coconut oil seems fine all around (though I doubt loading it on my head would amuse my hair very much). I do find that butters are fine in general - though I mostly have only used shea. I remember reading a thread about the differences between butters and oils - and that it's not uncommon for someone's hair to like only one or the other.
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A little coconut oil now and then is ok, but anything else with any amount of oil in it will build up in my hair. It gets to the point where it is super soft on day one and and then really dry on day two, because it's blocking out moisture. It took me a while to figure this out, with some help from the experts here. I switched my rinse-out back to GVP Conditioning Balm and have been doing much better.
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My hair hates oils too. They leave my fluffy and frizzy and with no definition. If I use them for too long my hair eventually gets very dry and strawlike.
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