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Hi for anyone who knows curly hair I NEED YOUR HELP ASAP. I live in NYC where it is pretty humid, but I am moving to Seattle, Washington where not only is it extremely humid but it rains all of the time. As it is I have learned and have been taught to hate my hair. I hate taking pictures with my curly hair because I feel ugly. My hair is between 3a and 3b. Everyone else around me seems to think that pin straight his is beautiful and curly hair just looks disgusting and unwanted. For a while i used flat iron after flat iron and would blow dry my hair straight everyday but I became very upset that my hair was becoming damaged and dry. When I have kept my hair curly, I have LITERALLY USED every mousse and gel from the drug store to help control my frizz and ugliness, but none of it works. I am truly desperate to find products to help tame my frizz and calm down my hair. ANY SUGGESTIONS would be greatly appreciated

Also if anyone could give their opinion about Ouidad CLimate Control Gel that would be great

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Hi and welcome. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with your hair. Those of us here love curly hair and many of us know what you're going through. Have you looked into going CG ? This can do a lot for your curls and make them beautiful!

What products are you using now? That might help give us some idea where to start with you. Also check out the link I have above. That will tell you pretty much everything you need to know about the CG method - what it is and how it works. It can make a huge difference in your hair. Read through the newbie section. It's a lot of information but it's a great place to start! There are tons of people here who know quite a bit about curly hair and we'd be glad to help but going through the newbie section first will be your best bet!
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