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IzzyTheTerrible 07-31-2009 06:19 AM

Confessions of a Sulfate-aholic (and now Tiffany-aholic)
(excuse the long post, in advance)

Wednesday I had my visit with Tiffany, we discovered that my hair truly IS fine as I suspected.

So she made some suggestions for me, and based on her suggestions I finally felt comfortable enough to take the CG plunge.

Since she'd already done a low-poo cleanse to make sure there was no silicone build up, I went straight to her plan. I found it so odd that she would suggest a Suave conditioner (tropical coconut), as a co-wash AND conditioner (she suggested I mix it with another protein conditioner but I haven't found my way to the health food store this week yet, so I haven't grabbed it yet).

Keeping in mind that it's taken me almost two months to get to this point cause I didn't want to give up my sulfates... yesterday I tried it out. At first I had issues cause I knew there was no way a dime sized amount (as posted in the how-to section) was going to cover my scalp, so I just kinda did what felt right.

Well, I rinsed it out, then applied it to the rest of my hair, which was still a dry tangled mess. I thought to myself, "Self, REALLY? How do you expect a $.98 bottle of conditioner to be good for your long tresses." My self responded with adding a little bit of the Matrix conditioning balm so I was able to get my comb through it.

All went well, followed her routine, went about my day, next thing I know I look in the mirror and to my surprise my hair looks soft and silky and I have bouncy curly waves (which mind you is 75% attributed to the awesome curly cut Tiffany gave me!). WOW!

And sure enough my hair was siiiilllkyy soft! Never had to scrunch my gel out, it just fell exactly how I felt it should.

This morning I did my second co-wash and it was soooo different.

I had a hard time after my co-wash cause I kept trying to rinse the silky stuff out. After several minutes, I finally came to the conclusion that the silk was not the conditioner but rather my hair.

So I applied the oh-so-cheap conditioner to my hair again (this time sans the matrix). But this time by the time I touched the rest of it, it was already completely detangled... no comb needed, as I rinsed it out I just ran my fingers through it and voila!

Now... I am a CG-aholic, and a Tiffany-aholic.

And that's my story. :)

kjwavy 07-31-2009 07:48 AM

Izzy - I am SO happy for you!! Keep us posted with your progress :)

mpgirl 07-31-2009 09:18 AM

Adding a little protein can do amazing things!:occasion5: Glad you're happy!

tinah 07-31-2009 09:19 AM

That's great! But where are the pictures? We need pictures. We ALWAYS need pictures!

Curlyminx 07-31-2009 09:37 AM


Originally Posted by tinah (Post 1047583)
That's great! But where are the pictures? We need pictures. We ALWAYS need pictures!

Agreed! Where's the pictures?!?

I'm glad you finally solved the hair problems you were having and I'm glad struttswife finally convinced you to give cg a try!

Keep at it! It with hopefully only get better and better!

Ps- tinah! You should post more pictures too!

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