Help with awful, thin hair :(

Hello everyone!

I'm in desperate need of suggestions. I've been wearing my hair curly for most of my life (straigtening never really worked), but I started a modified CG routine about a month ago. The problem is my hair itself, which I have a few problems. I would appreciate any suggestions!

Firstly, it's very fine and extremely thin. It depresses me everyday because even when girls have fine hair most of them have lots of it. Mine's fine and thin so when I'm trying to style it and I move my head in a certain direction ever so slightly it just gets plastered to my head and looks really terrible. I get really discouraged because I think it looks nice, until I look at the side in the mirror and it looks like crap because you can see my scalp. I even tried using Nioxin for a while, but it just made my hair dry.

The other problem is that if I get it nicely curled up, after a few minutes it looks weighed down. I don't know if my products are too heavy for my hair? In the end, I just accept that it looks kind of bad and very thin, until it dries. Once it's dry t's kind of crunchy, but at least sort of curly. Then I SOTC. But then it gets super frizzy, flat, and awful. I've also tried CJ Curl Fuel while SOTC, without much luck - still puffy. Later on in the day it looks fried.

Here's what I've been doing/using

-Burt's Bees Very Volumizing every 3 days, condition with Mop Top daily conditioner
-Co-wash every 3 days VO5 Strawberries and Cream, condition with Mop Top
-Water wash in between, condition with Mop Top
-With soaking wet hair I put in Alagio curl cream
-Squeeze out excess water with t-shirt
-Scrunch in Deva Angell

Previously, my hair could get really curly and shiny and I barely did anything to it. I can't really remember what I did, but I think I used Pantene spray gel, Aveda volumizing tonic, and Samy instant Recurl, in some order.. can't remember. I just know I could scrunch it all day and it looked better and better. Now, not so much.

On a positive note, I made an appointment with Struttswife! But not until November when I visit my parents. I'm so desperate I'm flying in and then driving 5 hours there! I'm so hopeful she can cure my awful hair! I can't wait to go!! I feel like I'm going to a doctor who can cure all my illnesses

Anyway, sorry for the long message. If anyone has any suggestions for my awful thin hair or if anything I'm using is weighing down my hair/making it frizzy when dry, I would be very thankful. I'm so upset about it

Thanks so much in advance!!

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I'm not an expert by any means, and I am sure there are others on this board that can probably help more but...I do struggle with hair that is thin on top and very fine so I think I know where you are coming from!

I didn't see anything with protein in it in your routine...just a thought that your fine hair might be getting over conditioned making it seem even finer, wispy and flat. I noticed that the top part of my hair got over-conditioned very quickly on CG...and I switched to a protein conditioner (EO Rosemary & Mint, tho) and I think the Jessicurl products have some proteins in some of them. It made a big difference for me - much thicker feeling, fuller hair. There are full protein treatments too (like Nexxus Emergencee) that might help.

That said, be aware that some people don't like the protein at all, but I think the consensus is that most fine-haired gals need protein at least once in awhile, and it certainly can't hurt to try!

Oh you are so lucky to have the appt with Struttswife! Enjoy!

Good luck!
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Mine is fine and thinnish too. Mine got a lot better after I stopped shampooing. Are you still shampooing? I was only using shampoo once a week, and still my hair got much better once I started only using conditioner. I also was having tons fall out for no apparant reason. I started taking biotin and msm. Eventually something seemed to work, because it isn't falling out anymore. I would try just using conditioner.

Seems like I read somewhere that the alagio was drying.

Right now, I'm having trouble with my hair not being weighed down enough, and I use my regular conditioner as a leave in.

I'd experiement with as little as possible if I were you. That's what I did when I started CG. I used Suave conditioner to wash with, as a rinse out, and as a leave in. Gradually, I started finding other conditioners because I knew I need more moisture.

Oh, and I recently started doing protein treatments. They really perk up fine hair. I'm using the Nexxus Emergencee.

Hope something in here is of use.
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Thank you so much for the replies! I'm so happy people are so nice to give suggestions. I was so overwhelmed by all the information I was reading and couldn't really find someone with my exact problems.

Anyway, the Burts Bees shampoo is Pomegranate and Soy, so I assumed it had protein in it, but maybe not enough. I'd definitely try a protein treatment to see if that helps, especially since it seems like it will!

I'll also try starting with just conditioner as Curry Curls suggested to see if that helps with not weighing my hair down. Should I put gel? I'm just worried without gel or something it will get frizzy, since it's so fine it just floats off my head!

I'm really excited for my appointment too... I wish it wasn't all the way in November!!
I would reconsider the Angel gel. I also have thin/fine hair and Angel was way too heavy with not enough hold. It would have been a better straightening product for me. I suggest something with more hold like Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee or Herbal Essences Set Me Up. They should have more hold and are readily available at Target, Walgreens or Ulta.

I'm another Nexxus Emergencee user. It has made a big difference in my hair.

I use a spray leave in conditioner because my hair gets so easily weighed down. I use Jane Carter's Revitalizing Leave In which is a spray.
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I also have thin hair, so I know how you feel!

First, I second the idea that you probably need protein and are probably a little overconditioned -- it's good that you water wash, but I'm a newly-converted Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinse fan, both for hard water problems and my easily overconditioned thin hair. You might want to try a rinse and see if that clears up some of the product heaviness.

Second, the VO5 as a co-wash. I love the way my VO5 smells, but I only use it as a leave-in. For co-washing I feel like it does nothing -- I don't know if it's too light or what, but my hair comes out much, much better when I use a Suave conditioner instead. Try the coconut -- it has a little bit of extra protein that your hair might like, or my personal favorite (the coconut isn't that great for me personally) is the Waterlily and Aloe.

Also, and this might just be an experiment thing, but I can't wring any water out of my hair, basically ever. I put everything in soaking wet. I use the VO5 conditioner as a leave-in because it's so light, and then I add my other products in soaking wet, too. Then, for volume, I plop! It does wonders for the roots of my hair -- the curls are bouncier and not plastered to my head. When you scrunch out the crunch, slide your fingers gently underneath to the roots and shake. This will keep them from being plastered too!

Good luck, I hope some of this helps!

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Another fine, thin haired curly here. After six months of cowashing, I started to use natural soap bars to cleanse. My hair likes it a lot better--tightened curl and added volume. This was the first winter my hair was curly, rather then wavy! I just started to use the Giovanni LA Natural Gel. I like it a lot better than the BRHG--it doesn't leave my hair producty. I also rotate products, rarely using any one product more then twice a week.
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I am not sure products are the answer here.

First, you should see a doctor (a dermatologist) to find out if you have alopecia or if something else (physically) is causing your hair to be this thin /refuse to curl when it wasn't quite that way before.
Awesome, thanks for all the suggestions!
So basically, I should try to change the conditioner to Suave, different gel (I was thinking to try BRHG or HESMU!), and protein treatments. Do you think those gels will hold better after SOTC? I'll try plopping again, maybe I wasn't doing it right before - my roots never lifted up

Kathymack - where do you get the shampoo bars from?


Kathymack - where do you get the shampoo bars from?

Originally Posted by pepper
I'll pm you.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

HGs: Anything Sevi; Curly Kinks Satin Roots, Curlycue ReNew and Coil Jam; homemade FSG and okra gel; soap bars; UFD Curly Magic; Botanical Spirits Jellies, CJ Repair Me, Aloe Fix
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I'm battling the same thing. I want more body, more curl. I read about using mousse so I've tried that, but no hold! So I use a tiny blob of gel with it, an extra hold one. helps define and gives some body!
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OH and volumizing shampoos really dry hair out! You need to condition very well if you stick with those. I try to stick with lightweight products and especially conditioners. I like V05 conditioners.
OH and volumizing shampoos really dry hair out! You need to condition very well if you stick with those. I try to stick with lightweight products and especially conditioners. I like V05 conditioners.
Originally Posted by lemon.tulips
That is really good to know! I noticed that after rinsing out the Burts Bees shampoo my hair was a knotted up mess. I thought it was because the shampoo was more natural compared my old one. Thanks for the info!
It sounds like at least part of the problem might be product heaviness/overconditioning. Like other people have suggested, a protein treatment sounds like it would help you out. A lighter hair gel might work too - my hair isn't really like yours so I can't suggest a specific, though. If you're experiencing considerable hair loss or something, do check in with your dermatologist to see if something's wrong.

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I have watched many women buy more products, buy different products, try using the products in different order...on and on and on...when the answer was a medical one.

Bottom line: You can pile on the products; however, products will not stop hair loss...especially if you don't have hair strands for the products to cling to.

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