Heat Damage??

I have thick 3b/3c hair, but i have one major problem..the front of my hair on both sides of the part are type 1( like the bangs)..I mean dead straight and will not curl. I tried the skkip curl methos and the twisting method, but no curl just a very light light wav which doesn't match the rest of my head. How can i get it to curl
CG..yep that's me!

I had the same problem, but the longer I continued with CG they curled up more So it'll be fine, just be patient!
3b-med texture-med porosity
CG from 21-05-09 2nd try!
Conditioners: Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose, Aubrey Organics GPB Protein
Gel: Lavera Organic


I don't know if this will help any, but I found out the other day that the lotions I use on my face all had cones in them, lots and lots of cones.

I have gray streaks in that front area, so I was beginning to think the decreasing curl formation in that area was simply due to going gray - those gray streaks had gone almost completely straight, even though it used to curl up just like the rest of the hair in front.

It improved a bit when I stopped using any conditioners with cones in them, but would still be rather limp compared to the rest of my hair. But that hair is always hanging down on my forehead, particularly as it dries. It would sometimes have a bit of wave while wet, but would go limp when dry, and no amount of gel would get it to curl - in fact the more gel, the straighter it would go.

So I stopped using the cone laden face lotion (switched to Vaseline's aloe and glycerin gel),and after only a couple days of lo-poos in that area (along with a good spritzing of mag-sulfate water), the gray streaks are improving greatly now, looking much more like the rest of the front.

I never suspected cone laden face lotion as being the source of the problem, but I guess you have to look at everything that your hair is touching, even if you're not putting it directly on your hair.
I have the same issue.....sometimes they curl nicely but most of the time those sections just have big waves. Scrunching that area with a little more gel and clipping the front back (my hair wants to grow forward) really seems to help me. Plopping can also help but plopping has been hit and miss for me...a modified version is working now but that could end tomorrow


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