PJ's Alert for August Beginning Monday, Sally Beauty


I just wanted to share the info, since I got my Sally Beauty circular in the maile the other day. I read in this forum earlier this week that many of you love EcoStyler. Good News! Sally's has it now, 2 for $7 on Ecostyler 32 oz size!!!! Also, honorable mention to Salon Care Firm Hold Aloe Gel, 8lb size for $7.49. Both of those prices are not professional discounted prices. I'm a former professional so I get excited about Sally Beauty Sales! LOL!! Yes, I'm a product junkie, I admit it. Since finding this forum its gotten worse, see you guys are such enablers!LOL


3a/3bcurls, blonde, color treated,med fine.
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lol. Its like a sickness
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I got my EcoStyler gel today! I only bought one because I've never tried EcoStyler, but I have a feeling that once I get back to school tomorrow, I'll stop by Sally's again!!!!
Ooooh, I wanted to try EcoStyler. Guess there's no reason to hold back any longer.
3b/c, CG 9/18/08
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