im new & i need help!

hi there everyone! ummm im new, 17 years old and mixed with black & white.
i need help figuring out my hair type.

im new & i need help!-dscf6010.jpg
im new & i need help!-1243826853.jpg

if you could help me out...i would be thankful!
my hair was a whole different story when it was long
im new & i need help!-l_b4ee8bae0c53e327d6ace0fe6e2e7b23.jpg
im new & i need help!-dscf4150.jpg
im new & i need help!-dscf3484.jpg

i just need some help
You look somewhat 3a-ish to me. However, keep in mind that curl type won't help you find your best products - determining your hair's porosity and texture will. Tiffany's (aka Struttswife here) website can help you figure this out: . For starting out, if you want to do the CG method, there is a guide to the method in the Newbies forum above. Also, LauraLee has written an excellent introduction here:

Hope that helps!
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Hi MM24,

I'm mixed too and you could be my hair twin. Your hair looks just like mine and I'm a 3a; but OOW is correct. Check out the websites she listed. I recommend the CG routine. I've been on it only a week an noticed a difference in my curls. They are much more well moisturized and more easily managed.

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thanks belasuna! ohh and it would be awesome if we're hair twins!! OMG i've been looking for someone wit the same hair type as me.

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