Ouidad users out there!! HELP!!

I have been quite interested in this line for some time now but very unsure as to what I should try out. Any suggestions? My hair, as of late has developed into 3a with some tight 3bs in it. It is dry--- Frizz prone and coarse as a rule. So moisture addition is the absolute rule.
Thanks. By the way I would be happy to take any suggestions anyone has (again) for nice curls and moisture retention. For now my routine is a sulfate free shampoo (Loreal) condition with HE curl quenching condish, leave in is the same. I mix KCCC with Moroccan oil and scrunch into my hair. then I use HE curl scrunching gel on top. So far ...ok I guess.
thanks!! AGAIN and AGAIN.

I used Ouidad many years ago. Try the Curl Quencher. It is a moisturizing gel and it works pretty well, eliminating frizz, defining curls and overall moisturizing the hair. You will have to play around to find the right amount of gel to use because if you use too much of the gel it makes your hair crunchy. I was using it with the Ouidad poo and condish. Eventually I stopped because the products were expensive and I was only a starving student at the time.
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Check the ingredients. I didn't think they were anything special before they changed, I don't think many are CG anymore--if that matters.
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