Hair looks good, feels odd

I have a weird question for those of you who do CG: does your hair feel different than it did before? I've been doing CG for a week and my hair looks really good, but it feels odd. It feels different than it usually does, and it leaves a bit of an oily residue on my hands. Is this normal? I've realized I have no idea how well-moisturized hair is supposed to feel.

BTW, here's what I've been using in case anyone sees a connection:
CO Wash: Suave Green Apple
CO: Suave Green Apple and/or Nature's Gate Jojoba
Gel: Tressemme Bouncy Curls (has one PEG -cone, but I've read that should be water-soluable)

I've been CO-washing every other day, just water washing the other days. I can't do second-day hair at this length because my hair sticks up EVERYWHERE when I wake up like Sideshow Bob!
Do you only clip at the root? My hair is fine and plastered to my head on top after I put products in and scrunch so I must literally unplaster and choose where to place clips. I was also told to place them like clothes pins but I am such a novice at this!
Oops sorry this was supposed to be a separate post! I'll try again!
My hair does feel differnt...softer and more healthy. I love it! But I don't think it should leave an oily residue on your hands, maybe that's too much of something. I wonder if it's the jojoba...I couldn't use it on my hair because it seemed greasy. Do you use it as a leave-in? Some one with more experience may be able to help.

As for 2nd day, I pull mine up at night in a scrunchie at the top of my head and sleep on a satin pillowcase. The next moring I can usually fluff and go or use a bit of conditioner mixed with water to lightly spritz and scrunch in some Bioterra Curl Cream.

3a, med texture, normal porosity
poo: one 'n only shiny silver (occasionally)
co-wash/rinse out: assorted V05 "flavors"
leave-in/dt: gvp cb
stylers: ecostyler, bioterra curl cream, salon care aloe vera gel
hair loves: plopping, clipping & diffusing


Your hair is probably still adjusting, but if you go a little easier on the conditioner it might clear up faster? Weird things happen while hair is adjusting to a completely different method of care, though, so it's al ittle hard to say, I think...

fia 2C/3A-F-iii, sensitive to some proteins
CGish since 10-16-08
Low-poo: Yes to Carrots Daily Pampering Shampoo (1-2x/week)
Rinse outs: Yes to Carrots Pampering Mud Conditioner
Styling: a little bit of leave in and a little bit of KCCC, diffusing
Olive oil DTs, honey rinses in the summer
Thanks for the responses so far! Just for clarity, I use Nature's Gate Jojoba Conditioner (not straight jojoba oil) to condition my hair. I use it as a rinse-out and leave-in conditioner--I rinse it out, then rake about a nickel sized blob through my hair to leave in.
I'd second the suggestion you're probably still adjusting. Well-moisturised hair won't feel oily when dry - it'll feel like, well, hair. I know that's not that helpful, but my hair, which (I think) is finally in good condition feels sort of like it did before - just not dry. It feels firmer, almost like there's more substance to it, and it no longer feels like feathery straw on the ends. So I say if you're finding it oily, especially only a week in, then you're probably still adjusting. If it gets annoying, though, you can lo-poo a few times a week to sort of ease your scalp and hair into CG. That's what I ended up doing (more by accident than design) and that'll slowly get your scalp accustomed to not being stripped of moisture rather than do it all at once.
3b/c. Fine, med-high porosity, normal elasticity. Hair loves oils in summer, protein in winter. Constantly battling the hard water monster.

CJ Curl Theory, Curl Rehab, Smoothing, Curl Fix, Daily Fix, CCCC, CIAB, CQ, SSCC, MC shampoo, Inecto Pure Coconut Oil, CP luscious curl creme (summer), DB Pumpkin Seed (summer), FD/MT, JCWDT, JCTS

American literature PhD student in the UK...
Thanks everyone! It feels a lot more normal today - I think it may have just been adjusting to not using shampoo. I'm really liking CG so far!

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