ACV rinse-Clue me in!

Ive been CG for 1 month now and although my hair is curling wonderfully now, I'de like to try an ACV rinse.
What EXACTLY does it do? How exactly do I do it? Do I low poo first? Do I cowash first? Do I need condish later? How often? Im hearing its great for shine and I could use some since Ive been looking dull...
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Have you read Struttswife's website, She talks about them and other home remedies on her site. Here's the part about ACV:
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I usually use an ACV rinse after I use soap bars (they are great, by the way, especially for us modified CGs!). I use 1 Tablespoon of ACV mixed into 8 oz. of water, put it in a spray bottle, and just spray on my hair after soap bar and condish, to rinse out. It makes my hair shiny and restores the pH balance from the soap bars.
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I think my hair likes protein!!
Ditto nancytmcc. I've done one at least twice a week since Jan, 08 with no problems. I use the Braggs Organic ACV that you can health food store, WF, etc. My hair seems to like it better than the ones you buy in the grocery store.
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Have you read Struttswife's website, She talks about them and other home remedies on her site. Here's the part about ACV:
Originally Posted by hauptaj
I second this. I personally use them after shampoo bars (pretty much required), but mostly I use them when I am kinda feeling limp. Perks my hair right up.

I use it after conditioning, rinse out as usual. Do the ACV (1tsp to 1 cup cool water), let it set for a minute, cold rinse that out.
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