Hair clips that stay put?

Any recommendations for hair clips that stay in your hair all day?

I've been looking at Flexi-8 and Ficcare - anyone use these that can comment on how well they hold?

Background: My wedding is coming up and I want to do my hair in a half-up do. It's a destination wedding so I'm doing it myself (no time for a hair trial and I'm not trusting a stylist I've never met).

Any time I've had my hair professionally done this way they use only bobby pins but that seems really difficult to put up so much hair. I'm hoping there's a clip I can use and then just use a few bobby pins for stray hairs.

Other Info: I have fine hair but a lot of it. The veil is on a comb and I plan to wear it at the back of my head. Sort of like this:

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I did my friend's hair similar to that for her wedding. I used a cluster of tiny butterfly clips, then slid the veil comb in just above the clips. Much easier than bobby pins (which I've also done) yet with about the same results. You could also use a cluster of mini claw clips. Here's a pic of both.... (at the bottom of the page)
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I put my hair half up a lot for work. It seems like you don't like them, but I always use bobby pins because they stay the longest and are the most discreet. I find that it's absolutely crucial that they cross in order to hold all day. If you can find this type:

they are SUPER strong and hold really, REALLY well.
I've done friends hair the same way, with many types of thickness and they always hold!

Congrats on getting married and I hope you have a great hair day on that special day!
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I cannot praise flexi-8 enough.
They do stay put, at least for me. I use Medium for a french twist and half-do.
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