Where can I buy A/G Recoil (not online)?

I've been a lurker for a while now and have learned so much from everyone here. I've been super interested in trying a curl cream but can't find a decent priced one and I'm just gonna give in and shell out the big bucks for A/G Recoil. Problem is, I can't find it at any stores (tried Ulta, Sephora) and I have major problems ordering stuff online cause my packages always go missing (theify neighbors who act stupid when asked if they saw anything). What stores normally carry the
A/G Recoil? I'm in Chicago if that makes any difference. Thanks for any info, dolls!!
Hi and welcome!

Here is a link to search for salons that carry products
by AG. I did a search for zip code 60601 for Chicago, but you can plug in your zip code, since I don't know
your specific zip code.


Take care,
Just an FYI: I've found it at Hair Cosmopolitan at the local mall, but that didn't show up on the AG search link.
2b/2c, fine, thick, normal porosity/elasticity

Current routine: co-wash & detangle with AIA Coconut CoWash then RO. Experimenting w/AG re:coil, DCVF & All-Nutrient Hair Proteinizer.
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Hate: glycerin, mineral oil

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