I have ringlets! WOW!

In all my 43 years I never knew I had any form of ringlets of any sort in my hair.

I've been CG now for a couple of weeks. The change in my hair, and my daughters, is amazing.

I started off thinking of my hair as mostly hair that was a little bit more than wavy but certainly not like what I see on all of you (and it's so beautiful I have total hairenvy!). My daughters hair has always been curly and her wave/curl pattern starts at the top.

Since I've kept my hair fairly short or if it was long it was *always* kept in a scrunchie or band I just had no idea. When I was little my mom (who has naturally wavy hair that was very tameable if that's a word...and plus she used to "tease" it up and all in the 60's when I was born) used to have this comb that had a sharp point on it that she used to "rat" her hair up...she used to dip it in this gel called "Dippity Doo" (I'm really not kidding!) and then she would just go through my hair. No matter what I did the "horns" would always come back in an hour they would just be all crunchy and stick out. She kept my hair very short (to avoid the whole curl issue I guess). I didn't realize at the time but now I suspect my hair was just so much curlier than she knew what to do with...

Anyway for the very first time in my life I almost feel, well, vain about my hair. It's a very strange feeling! It's not that my hair looks like sooo great it's just that I am so HAPPY with how it is now..I mean I catch myself stopping and looking in a mirror and just giving this giddy laugh (totally uncharacteristic of me as I am the queen of practicality!).

I just had to share. To everyone that has taken this journey before me I can only say a huge thanks--for being willing to answer all my dumb questions and for posting pictures and product recommendations and encouragement and just everything really. I could NEVER have done this w/o these boards.

To all of you that are just starting or looking for that HG--be patient and you'll get there. You will. I just know it! I've already had 3 of my staff in the office turn curly girl and they are loving it as well!

I hope everyone has a wonderful awesome rest of the week!

(p.s. I have pic's in my fotki album)
FIA 2c/3aFi

Done experimenting! Loving Spiral Solutions products!

Blog: http://thewavytales.blogspot.com/
Ooh, I love the name Tahia. It makes me think of Tahia Carioca.

Both of you have really great looking curls, and I'm glad that going CG is working out so well.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.
And welcome to NC.
Checked out your fotki and both of you have pretty hair. Love your daughters long curls would like mine to look as good.
Good Luck and Good Hair Day to you both!!
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