I'm a total newb..

..with my curly hair. Which is strange considering I've had it since shortly after leaving the womb. So, assistance is thoroughly needed and greatly appreciated, or vice versa, whatever you like.

Firstly, what "hair type" might I fall into?
(Sorry, I'm a mess)

Secondly, I've been straightening it almost everyday for quite a few years now. Granted, there's no absolutes with this question, but how likely is it my hair will be completely fried until it grows out again?

and lastly but not leastly, (lol) what should I tell my hairdresser if I want to get rid of all the bulk so my hair lies a bit flatter and reduces the "triangle effect"

I know this is alot of reading and I probably wouldn't give it the time of day either buuuuut if you help me out I'll telepathically send waves of euphoria in your direction. It'll be a blasty blast!
I'm too new to really understand the specifics of hair type classifications, although the waves look 2-ish to me. If you've just started CG, chances are that the curl will tighten over time, with the proper treatment. Which brings up the next point...

What's much more important than curl type though is your texture (fine, medium, coarse), and porosity. That's how you figure out how to fine-tune your CG routine to suit your hair and make it it's healthiest. There's a very good thread about such things here. Just scroll through it, paying particular attention to the posts by Strutt's Wife (and the links she provides), since that's where the bulk of the information you need will be found.

For your haircut question, there's an entire section on NC.com about hairstylists who are experienced with curly cuts. Scroll through to see if there's a tried and true curly stylist in your area. If there's no one in your area who is known to be a curly cutter, there's also information (again by Strutt's Wife) on her website Live Curly Live Free, about getting a curly haircut.

Meanwhile, the 2 most important aspects of going CG are to stop using products that contain silicones, and stop using harsh sulfate shampoos (after the last shampoo to get the silicones out). There are lists of curly girl friendly products (which I was going to link for you, but I can't find them now), as well as milder shampoos and other cleansers for when you need to do more than co-wash (washing with conditioner). Hopefully someone will come along who can find those links for you!

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