Forgot where I read this at....

But there was a post about some cards that you can make on here to handout...or something. Does anyone know what I am talking about.

I would really like something like this. Where I work I see the most terrible heads of curly children. I figured I could direct people to some hair boards but I was also hoping to somehow make money on the side by helping them learn to care for their childrens hair. How should I go about doing this in the least offensive way possible?
The cards are given out by the site for curly advocates, it's somewhere on the main page, you can ask Gretchen or Michelle.
Great. I am really interested in this. Do i just type those names into the member list to find them? Also where on the front page? What section? i am going to look but just in case I don't find it.
found it and emailed thanks so much. hope to hear back from her soon.

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