Hey everyone im new and im just wondering your curls are overtaken by my frizz!What are your definite suggestions to reduce or take away frizz..products, remedies anything!
I have (had) a problem with frizz too. I use the Organic Root Stimulator Lock n' Twist gel and I am experiencing less frizz, even in the humidity. I was using a leave-in but when I ran out of my leave-in I used only the gel and my hair looks better, less frizz. What type of hair do you have?
Thanks in advance

CG since 12/21/2008
3B medium thick, medium coarse

HG Routine
- Suave Coconut
Rinse Out Conditioner/Leave-In- GVP Conditioning Balm
Gel- Organic Root Stimulator Lock n' Twist Gel
Moisturizer/Pomade- JC N&S to scrunch out the crunch
Weekly DT- Jessicurl Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment
Monthly DT- Coconut cream relaxer(deep conditioner)

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