I am confused. I conditioner washed with Whole Foods 365 Herbal Mint Conditioner. As I was rinsing it out I was like hummmm, this is squeaky. Squeaky but not a lot of slip. So I said okay do the ACV rinse. Which I did and as soon as it hit my hair, the hair went from squeaky to fingers not wanting to go through my hair. Then I looked in the mirror and could have sworn I saw frizz. Now is my hair usually frizzy on the top in the shower. I dunno.

Anyway, I decide to just style as usual, which is with a homemade version of kinky curly. But my hair in plaits and call it a day.....

but I didn't. I get on the forum and start doing a search for buildup. As I am reading, I am not sure if it is buildup, to much protein, yada, yada, yada. So I opted buildup.

Grab the shampoo this time. (Can't tell you the last time I shampooed) anyway, as soon as the shampoo touched my hair it sudds to high heaven! So does that mean it wasnt buildup?!! It sudds. Then I continue with the 365 conditioner as usual. My hair felt better after this wash. Put some sweet almond oil in afterwards and then my homemade concotion.

Side note- I deep condition earlier in the week with a olive oil and honey mixture. (I didn't like how that rinsed out. Part of me felt it didn't really)

1. could the DC earlier in the week, be the reason why my hair felt yucky after the first wash?
2. was it the ACV rinse?
3. Could it be my homemade Kinky curly?
4. Or the 365 Herbal Mint conditioner?