Donna Marie question

I recently ordered some products from Donna Marie, including the Detangling Leave-in and the Superlicious Shampoo. When my order came, it looks like there was a problem with the labels put on the bottles. Both bottles have the same back label with the instructions and the ingredients for the Detangling Leave In.

For anyone on here who has them, can you describe what each looks like? Specifically, one product is white and the other is a darker gray/taupe/green with flecks in it. I'd love to wash my hair with the shampoo and then use the leave in properly, rather than washing my hair with leave in and then leaving shampoo in my hair

someone will probably answer your question, but in the meantime, you should notify Donna Marie of the mix-up and perhaps she can describe each product to you.

or you could put a little bit of the product on your finger, wet with water and see/feel if it suds a bit like shampoo.
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I have a bottle of the detangler from a few months ago. It's one of the products that didn't change (except the name) and is white. The Honey Sugar Oasis (prior shampoo) is a taupe color. HTH.
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Kathymack, I knew you'd know which was which. Thank you! I'm guessing the new shampoo is the old shampoo with a new name. Still smells yummy so I'm okay with that.

Windflower, I did email Ayanna but I haven't heard back from her yet. I do want to make sure she knows so she can address any other stock with the same problem.

Thanks for the help!

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