Last year I got fed up with having poofy, frizzy hair so I decided that I would start flat ironing. So, for half a semester I flat ironed my hair every day without heat protectant and then for the other half I flat ironed it every 2-3 days with heat protectant. I think the first half of those four months really hurt my hair, because it's been really damaged all summer (I've stopped flat ironing it completely!) and even though I follow a lot of the methods on this site it still doesn't behave.

I co-wash in the shower, rinse out with LVPNG, then put in the leave-in of my choice. I usually scrunch in KCCC after than and if I feel like it I'll rake or scrunch in some gel. Then I plop with a t-shirt. It looks good when it's about 95% dry, but once it's dry completely it puffs up and gets soo much frizz. I would love to wear my hair curly to school again, but I don't want it to look bad! Is there any way to get my hair healthy again without chopping it all off? And is there any way to reduce the poof?

Btw, I'm pretty sure my hair is fine, and if not it's medium leaning toward the fine side. And it's porous.
2C/3A, fine, normal-high porosity, medium texture

Low Poo
- Cristophe Beverly Hills Purely Natural Daily Shampoo
Co-Wash- Suave Naturals Coconut (sometimes used as a leave-in)
Condish- LVPNG
Leave-ins- KCKT, Suave Naturals Coconut, Garnier Sleek & Shine
Gels- Aldi Shique Gel, LA Looks Sport,
Enhancer- KCCC