KCCC at Whole Foods

The Whole foods in the Chicago South Loop has a huge Kinky Curly Products Display up today. The prices are not reduced but they have a ton of product. The only price I remember is the KCCC at $25.99.
I live about an hour away from our nearest whole foods. I was going to that area for another reason (thank goodness) so I stopped in to see if they had KCCC. Nope, all out. Next time I'll have to call to see if they have it in stock. From what I understand, this is a common happenstance.

The 25.99 must be the bigger jar yeah?
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KCCC is now $30.00 at WF for the large tub. I don't think it comes in any other size.
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Yeah I saw that at mine too. I was so excited.

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