Protective styles for short hair...?

Hello beautiful ladies of!

A little over a year ago (late June 0, I BC to about half an inch. Right now, the length of my hair is pretty much all over the place. Yes, that's right, I am at the Dreaded Awkward Growing Out Stage. Where it's JUUUUST enough to pull back into a pony-tail, but I have to keep wearing it up because when down, it just looks FUNK-AY.

While I know that bunning is a popular protective style, My hair has to be tied back pretty tightly to even get into a pony-tail holder. Any ideas?
i understand you want to let it grow, but is it possible to get a good shaping with a GOOD stylist?
what about headbands? there are many different types, from plain to some with a flower, or whatever. i'm talking tasteful here. and, it does not have to be expensive. i've found a couple of good headbands in rite aid.
have you tried the flexi8 clips? they really hold your hair in. i think their website is
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You can do two strand twists and braids on any length of hair.

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I'm not to keen on getting it shaped right now becaue I still have to have enough to pull back out of the way for when I dance or it's pretty disastrous.

Didn't even think of the two-strand twits! Thanks!
My hair is still in that stage too. Recently I started putting my hair in ponytails, and I braid the areas that don't fit in the ponytail and pin them to sides. Simple, but cute and gets the job done.
Also effective! Thanks, Kranberry! Anymore out there!!!

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