homemade flax seed gel and buildup?

hello all,

i made my first batch of fsg (with just a tiny bit of agave nectar and a few drops of EO added to it) a few weeks back and have, for the most part, been quite happy with the results. my curls have been quite a bit more defined and smooth. however, i have noticed that, on occasion, my hair will feel sort of coated and a bit sticky on days i use it. has anyone else experienced buildup with fsg? i have totally revamped my hair routine lately, in an attempt to use more natural and gentle products, so it very well could be something else i'm using, or the routine itself, but i wanted to see if this is a likely culprit and if i should only use it every few days or whatever.

Mel- 3b, blonde, normal to fine, chin-length.
I've never experienced any buildup with my fsg.
2 b/c :: slight protein sensitivity :: med/coarse texture :: normal porosity

Location: SoCal
thanks for the input. it very well might be something else in my arsenal, then. about the same time i started with the fsg, i started using the jane carter revitalizing leave-in conditioner, and i suspect it COULD be something in there. the leave-in i had been using before was dove, i think, and it had silicones in it, so i've put that away for now (although it worked well, i think!). i'm sulfate and silicone free now, but i can't say that my hair looks that much better.... some days it does some it doesn't. well, i'll figure it out some day, and will keep experimenting in the meantime!
Mel- 3b, blonde, normal to fine, chin-length.

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