another question- filtered shower heads?

hello all,

i think we have hard water, which might account for my hair being so finicky. has anyone used a filtered shower head? and, if so, did you install it yourself?

Mel- 3b, blonde, normal to fine, chin-length.
Yes, I got mine at Lowe's and it was as easy to install as any showerhead. It has replaceable filters you change every 6 months. It has dramatically decreased my hair loss and increased the body and shine. I "heart" my shower filter.
*CG for wavies. Type 2/3ab mix.
(overgrown) Inverted bob.
*Conditioner - VO5, Oyin, Goth Rosary
*Gel - Origins, Jessicurl or Lush
*Lo-Poo - Carols Daughter
thanks for the input- i'm excited to get one on there and see what it does for my hair! do you know which brand/model you got?
Mel- 3b, blonde, normal to fine, chin-length.

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