Advice for a newbie :)

Just joined this site after reading some posts about not using some products with damaging ingredient in them. I want to start a 'CG routine' or something i'vee just read about them so I just need some advice.

I have basically straightened my hair for the past 5 years and am sick of split ends and the hours of straightening I just want my curls back! I see some girls with amazing hair and wish mine would go like that but it just never looks as good! I do try to leave it curly but I just look in the mirror and think ergh it's so dry and frizzy and not how I want it! I have tried SOOOOO many products its unbelieeable. I think I have overly porous, fine, thick 3b hair. Im thinking of finding a new stylist but how do I find one thats good with curls? What questions do I ask them?

I also want to try new shampoos and conditioners as iv just looked at the ingredients on mine and they are full of sulphates and silicones! I live in the UK so most of the products on here are difficult for me to get hold of so was just wondering if anyone knew of and good ones without the damaging ingredients that are sold in Boots or Superdrug or somewhere like that?

I have read about protein washes and would also like to do one of them as my fine hair needs a bit of treatment! Do you recommend a heavy one or a light? Also need names of a few of these available in the UK

I don't know HOW im going to stick to staying curly with no straightening as im guessing a quick fix just isn't going to happen! Oh how I wish my hair was shiny with perfect curls! :P
I can't help you with products in the UK (all my products come from Sally's Beauty Supply), but I wanted to offer my support in going CG. I have been flat ironing my hair for the last 15 years. A little over a year ago I went curly and started reading CG the book. I found and joined this site last September and rescearched products, etc. After much deliberation, I went full blown CG in May. I just recently started posting more frequently. I love this site, everyone is very helpful so hang in there.

You can do it and your hair will love you for it.

3a, med texture, normal porosity
poo: one 'n only shiny silver (occasionally)
co-wash/rinse out: assorted V05 "flavors"
leave-in/dt: gvp cb
stylers: ecostyler, bioterra curl cream, salon care aloe vera gel
hair loves: plopping, clipping & diffusing


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