Another question about curly hair cuts

I'm going to get my haircut tomorrow morning but she isn't a trained Deva stylist, she just cuts my hair damp(I plan on driving myself to a Deva Trained one as soon as i get my license...). I didn't like the outcome of my hair cut last time, it was just triangle-ish looking, she cut the front too short and the back just seems flat... I've got 2 something curls thats BSL. My hair looks very much like in this picture, I just don't get as much volume-

Should I ask her for more layers or just get a trim and hold it out a few months until I can get a deva cut?
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If you weren't happy with the last haircut, don't go back to the same stylist.

I've had mediocre haircuts from Deva-people, and great haircuts from non Deva-people. I've also had so-so cuts from curly haired stylists, and great cuts from curly stylists.

I would say, don't worry over-much about the training the stylist has had; instead, wait until you see someone with hair like yours, then ask who she goes to. IME, that's the best way to find a good stylist.

HTH --- you have very pretty hair

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