So over the years I've died my hair countless numbers of times, and it is damaged, and my curls have started to drop over you know of any products to bring back or enhance my natural curls again?
You can try a protein treatment to rebuild the structure of your hair. Then immediately follow with a Deep Moisture Treatment using any cone free deep moisturizing conditioner. Lots of people recommend Joico K-pak protein treatment. It also comes in a generic. You could try to use Aubrey Organics GPB protein conditioner and leave it on like a Deep Treatment. I've used that conditioner and like it. I feel it can't do as much damage to protein sensitive hair as a regular protein treatment. I also like Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose for a Deep Moisture Treatment.

And then, you can go CG is you haven't done so already. This will ensure that your hair continues to receive the moisture it needs.
3a/b, very dry, fine/med-coarse, high porosity
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