Help for Frizz on Top

After trying some of the different suggestions from this board as well as many different products, I think I'm finally getting somewhere with this CG way! I'm so happy to see my waves turn into curls again.

My remaining issue (at least today) is that I still have frizz on top as well as fly-aways. I know I need a good cut (it's been MONTHS and MONTHS), but in the meantime, is there anything I can do to help with the halo frizz?

Here's my current routine:
Co-wash: GTTT Conditioner
Condition: Suave Coconut
Weekly ACV rinse.
Style: Plop with Herbal Essence or Flax Seed Gel, dry for a few minutes and then Plop again with BRHG (I love this stuff). Then SOTC after it has air-dried. I tried to smooth a little aloe vera gel over the top tonight, but it is still quite frizzy. I'm going to attempt to attach a pic below from tonight. Of course, I live in humid Missouri, so this only adds to the problem.

I'm open to suggestions in my routine!!! you think I look like a 2c or 3a? I can't decide!

Thanks so much.
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CJ aloe fix gel, smoothed onto dry hair (like a pomade) to combat mid-day frizz. You can order a sample from kathmack if you want to try it out before splurging on a full-size jar. It doesn't make hair sticky or flatten curls.
hair type: 2B/3A
low poo: Elucence moisture; Elucence clarifying (after swimming)
condish: CJ smoothing; CJ argan; CJ repair me; CJ curl rehab
winter/spring styling: CJ Beauticurls leave-in + Curly Kinks coil jam + Ouidad mongongo oil; or CJ leave-in + SpiralSolutions CEJ & FHG
summer/fall styling: CJ CCCC lite + CIAB + Curl Queen pw = 3ahair
I used the Ojon Restorative Treatment and it did wonders for my canopy frizz. I am very early in the CG process, so it isn't lasting a full week, but the first couple days after the treatment, my canopy frizz was almost non-existent (and the rest of my hair was so soft). It also works well to SOTC. It looks expensive, but it does not take much and so cost per use is actually lower than most products.
New here but I think I am:

3a/b with solid 3b at nape
Fine/Medium Texture with Medium Porosity

Co-Wash Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat
Conditioner - GVP Conditioning Balm
Deep Conditioner - Ojon Restorative Treatment (HG!)
Stylers: CJ CCCC, Re: Coil & BRHG (humid Carolina summer)
First may sure its not moisture your hair needs. Dry hair will frizz so a good dt and a good leave in conditioner are important.

I have this same problem and I am sure its not a lack of moisture for me. I have been following the super soaker method. I do find that the key for reducing frizz for me is brushing/combing my products through. Its giving me better distribution of product and way less frizz. After combing a small amount of product through I go back and rewet the hair and apply the final products in larger amounts.

There is a thread that explains the super soaker method its several pages long but tons of great ideas.

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