Too much?

Okay, my 4a/b hair has grown quite a bit since I BC'ed--it's about 6 inches (stretched) now and I'm starting to figure out what my hair likes and dislikes. My hair seems to be fine right now, but I'm afraid I might be manipulating it too much. Here's what I do:

- I detangle my hair in the shower daily because I only sleep with a silk scarf; I don't have the patience to twist/braid nightly and I'm afraid my hair might start to break if I do. I detangle my hair gently under the force of the water without conditioner and using only my fingers--I've had bad experiences with combs and brushes and my fingers work just as well (if not better) and I avoid using too much conditioner daily because it's not that hard for my hair to get overmoisturized.

- Once I'm done detangling, I don't towel-dry or anything. While it's soaking wet, I apply Trader Joe's Nourish Spa conditioner (which has been working well) and a bit of Kinky Curly Knot Today over it. I seal with a mixture of coconut/castor oils.

- Since my hair has gotten longer, it's starting to tangle more if I just leave it loose and wet, so for the past three days, I've decided to put my hair in a loose make-shift bantu knot style. Without parting or anything, I just take portions of my hair, loosely single-strand twist it, and put the twists into loose bantu knots (they can even come out and unravel if I touch them too much--that's how loose they are).

- I've only done the bantu knot thing for the past few days, and I only leave them in for about 20 mins or so (until my hair isn't soaking wet anymore). When my hair has dried a bit (I let it air-dry; I avoid heat like the plague), I take out the knots and fluff out my hair so that it's even.

Would doing this daily (or nearly daily) be too much manipulation and lead to breakage? I've been using the conditioners and oils for a while, but the bantu knots are a new thing--I haven't had any problems yet, but should I be worried?

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I don't know what products you are using but if your hair is fine you need protein to strengthen it. A good protein treatment like Nexxus Emergencee left on for 1-2 minutes once a week for a while might help.

I never wore any protective styling after my hair started to grow out, I still don't. I haven't experienced any breakage either.
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Deva Low Poo
Suave Naturals Coconut for detangling
Renpure Organics conditioner/leave-in
Homemade FSG
Curl Junkie Stuff

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